New Employee Orientation

The majority of new faculty, staff and management employees complete most of their new employee orientation tasks online through the Employee Onboarding Portal (Log into Careers to view the onboarding portal). Employees appointed outside of our online recruiting system will have a short one on one orientation with a member of the University Personnel team.

Upon arriving on campus, all faculty, staff and management employees will finalize their I-9 paperwork, obtain their Tower Card, and attend an individual benefits orientation. In some cases, the benefits orientation may be scheduled the next day.

Please note, these activities may be handled virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Faculty Jump Start

New tenured/tenure-track faculty are given the option to "jump start" their appointment to receive their first paycheck earlier and to have benefits coverage sooner. New faculty will start a few days prior to the standard first duty day and go through a multi-day orientation program. As part of this program, faculty will meet with their benefits representatives and have the opportunity to enroll before the term begins. To be eligible for this program newly hired tenured/tenure-track faculty must adhere to deadlines for turning in paperwork, information which is articulated in writing and sent to each newly hired faculty member.