Reporting Requirements

All MPP and Executive Employees, whether full- or part-time, are required to complete the Outside Employment Disclosure Form even if they do not have any outside employment to report. You are required to report outside employment during the following period:

At the time of hire or appointment 

Prospective MPP & Executive Employees must disclose all current outside employment as a precondition of hire. This form will be completed as part of the new hire paperwork.


All MPP and Executive Employees must submit an annual disclosure by June 30 of each year to University Personnel, reporting on the previous calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

Within 30 days of accepting outside employment

Employees must advise their manager of the outside employment opportunity within 30 days of accepting any outside employment.

Upon Request  

Employees shall provide any requested information within 10 days of an appropriate administrator’s request.

To disclose your current outside employment status, whether you have outside employment or not, please follow these steps: 

For questions regarding the Outside Employment Disclosure, please contact Compliance.