Interview Process

During the interview, you are communicating not only the requirements of the position, but also the benefits of working at San José State University:

  • Ensure a positive experience by following a fair and timely process for all.
  • Conduct interviews in a one or two day period to keep candidates fresh in your memory.

There may be times when more than one level of interview is appropriate:

  • Telephone Interviews: These can help narrow a large pool of applicants or provide a screening tool when candidates are not living in the Bay Area. Remember, if you conduct a telephone interview for one candidate, you will need to conduct telephone interviews for all candidates.
  • In-person Interviews: This is the most common type of interview and is highly recommended for all vacancies.
  • Skype/Online Interviews: This type of interview may be substituted for the in-person interview when appropriate but should follow the same format as the in-person interview to ensure consistency.
  • Public Forums: Managerial positions often involve public forums in addition to in-person interviews.