Summer Session

All summer appointments are considered additional employment and must be reviewed and approved prior to class start dates. Employment is limited to 125% of a full-time time base.

Faculty Services provides Summer Additional Employment Guidance that discusses different appointment scenarios and the limits to appointment time base. For example, 12-Month faculty have a pre-existing summer time base proportionate to their 12-Month appointment fraction, while AY faculty start with zero time base each summer. Each summer appointment adds to the overall time base; cumulatively, they may not exceed 125% of full-time time base.

Only PaCE Summer Session (self-support), and State Supported Summer Session, meet the CSU-CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement's definition of “Summer Term Employment in Article 21. However, other additional employment is common during summers, including classes offered by special session programs in the summer. Employment in PaCE Special Session and PaCE SJSU Online during summers are regulated by Article 40 of the CSU-CFA Agreement.

Differences in employment regulations and funding streams makes it important that the proper employment type be selected when appointments are made. Non-instructional appointments for duties that are in service to the summer term or special session program should also be made using the corresponding employment type for the term. (Whereas duties toward the general fund supported fall and spring semesters that are performed in summer should be appointed as 12-Month Faculty.)

Teaching (and non-instructional) appointment types listed on the Faculty Additional Employment Form and their job codes are:

  • PaCE Summer Session, job code 2357
  • State Supported Summer, job code 2457
  • PaCE Special Session, job code 2322
  • PaCE SJSU Online, job code 2322

Acceptance of this type of appointment and course assignment includes an agreement by the faculty member to meet the class on the first day regardless of enrollment. A faculty unit employee's appointment may provide for participation in the student evaluation process. The responsibilities of a faculty unit employee assigned to Summer term stated above include teaching, office hours, advising, and other assigned duties.

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