Tuition Fee Waiver

Program Overview

  • Eligible faculty and staff, may take courses at any of the CSU’s 23 campuses at a reduced rate or transfer the benefit to a qualified dependent
  • Take two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per term.
  • Courses taken under the fee waiver program must be taken for credit, they may not be audited.
  • Only regular session state-funded courses are fee waiver eligible
  • Open University, special session, winter session and self-support courses are not eligible for the fee waiver
  • Summer session courses are fee waiver eligible if they are regular session and state funded
  • We recommend asking the program/department if the class(es) you want to take are regular or special sessions to confirm their eligibility
  • Application must be submitted each term for the fee waiver to take effect. Fee waivers applications will not be processed after the term has ended unless of extenuating circumstances.
  • Employees and their dependents who are taking graduate level courses are subject to taxation.
  • For guidance on how to use Tuition Fee Waiver, see the Tuition Fee Waiver Help page.
  • Auxiliary employees do not qualify under the Tuition Fee Waiver Program. Please reach out to your Human Resources Representative at your auxiliary.

Fee Waiver Deadlines

Deadlines Date
First day Accepting Spring 2024 fee waiver applications 11/13/2023
First day the Bursar's Office begins waiving fees 11/20/2023
Last day University Personnel accepts fee waiver applications for this semester 2/19/2024
Last date for the Bursar's Office to waive fees 2/21/2024
Attending another CSU Check with your CSU Campus
Summer/Winter deadlines Please consult with the Fee Waiver Coordinator

Types of Tuition Fee Waivers

Fee Waiver Applications

Additional Information

Questions? Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Program Coordinator for more information.