Training is no longer required to request basic access to CHRS Recruiting. Employees may request access using the SJSU @ Work and CHRS Recruiting System Access form. Once access is granted you will be able to:

  • Open Job Cards
  • View applications
  • Move applications from one status to another
  • Prepare and extend faculty job offers
  • Bulk compile documents for faculty recruitments

If you believe you need training after access has been granted, please email with your request.

Training/Help videos are available for the following functions:

Chancellor’s Office Documentation

Visit Training in the CHRS Library to find general documentation on CHRS Recruiting. Once in the Training section, click Recruiting. You must be logged into your SJSUOne account to access these pages.

screen shot of training page menu

Please note, not all of the functionality shown in the CHRS Library is used by SJSU.