Confidential (C99) Employees

Annual Review

  • Full- and part-time permanent State employees are reviewed annually using the Qualtrics’ 360 degree feedback tool. The annual review cycle covers the performance review period of April 1 to March 31 of each year.
  • Qualtrics 360 is designed to provide comprehensive and well-rounded feedback of your performance. Participants evaluating the Confidential employee are individuals who frequently work with or have knowledge of your work.
  • University Personnel initiates the Qualtrics 360 process, which includes annual training and communication.
  • Annual Qualtrics 360 evaluations should be completed with final submission to no later than 45 days from end of the evaluation period.

Probationary Review

  • Employees who are new to the confidential classification are evaluated utilizing the Confidential (C99) Employee Performance Evaluation form [docm] after six months.
  • Six-month evaluations should be completed and returned to University Personnel no later than 14 days after the employee’s sixth month of service.
  • Reviews at one year of service and thereafter will be conducted through Qualtrics 360. Employees in the Confidential Administrative Support (C99) classification, require a two-year probationary period

Evaluation Forms and Information

Additional Resources