Minor Volunteer Process

Steps to appoint a Minor as a Volunteer

  1. Inform minor volunteer that the following will be required attachments to the volunteer form:
    1. Completed SJSU Volunteer Release Form for Minors [pdf] (Parental Consent Form).
    2. Completed State of California Department of Education Permit to Employ and Work form [pdf]. The form must be signed by the school the volunteer is currently attending.
      1. If the volunteer's school requires the Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Work Permit Request form [pdf] to be signed, it must be signed by Appropriate Administrator (MPP) that signed off on the volunteer request form.
      2. If the volunteer is a minor with a high school diploma, the parental consent form is still required but the work permit is not required.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Request Form [DocuSign].
  3. Once the Volunteer Request Form is received and reviewed, University Personnel will reach out to the supervisor regarding a Live Scan Fingerprinting. This is a requirement per the University's Volunteer Policy.
    1. SJSU does not run Live Scans on Minors.
  4. After review and approval from University Personnel, the volunteer appointment will be keyed into PeopleSoft.
  5. Once the completed Volunteer Request Form is received, check the University Personnel: Volunteer Appointments section on the form to verify the status of the volunteer request.