State-Supported Summer Pre-Approval & Payment

Some state supported instructional programs are offered in the summer, just as in fall and spring semesters. They do not include self-support Summer Sessions or self-support Extension Programs. Other summer session appointments use the PaCE-labeled form type.

If teaching classes or performing other duties in a state supported summer session, faculty should be appointed with this form. Fill in the information about the class(es) and compensation and route for approval. If used to appoint faculty to non-instructional duties, such as advising, course coordination, and other faculty duties, provide information justifying the appointment.

Acceptance of this appointment and course assignment includes an agreement by the faculty member to meet the class on the first day regardless of enrollment. A faculty unit employee’s appointment may provide for participation in the student evaluation process. The responsibilities of a faculty unit employee assigned to Summer term stated above include teaching, office hours, advising, and other assigned duties.

A single check for the summer session work will be issued after grade rosters are submitted for each session. Checks are issued approximately 30 days after the last day of the session provided the paperwork is submitted correctly and timely to Faculty Services.

To learn more about making this type of appointment please visit: OnBase Tutorial - State Supported Pre-Approval & Payment Guide.