Designated Positions

The campus Designated Positions list includes many employees in MPP positions, Procurement Card Holders, Department Chairs and some Independent Contractors, and Principal Investigators of grants and contracts. It includes anyone who has authority over a budget or can make purchasing decisions. The CSU has defined criteria for defining a Designated Position as follows.

Makes, participates in, or influences decisions regarding:

  • The physical master plan of the university.
  • The total enrollment of the university.
  • The license, lease, purchase, or sale of real property of the university or for the university.
  • Purchase of supplies, materials, commodities, machinery, equipment, services, or work for the university, school, department, or area.
  • Entering into/amending construction contracts or service contracts in connection with construction contracts for the university.
  • Investment of university funds.

For additional information about compliance requirements, contact Magdalena Carrera, Coordinator of Online Training & Compliance, via email ( or phone (408-924-2256).

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