Run an LCD Report

The steps below explain how to run a Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) Report in the SJSU @ Work system. You will need to have access to run LCD reports. Please see the SJSU @ Work system access page to get access.

  1. Go to the LCD Report selection page
  2. Select the report you wish to run
  3. Select or create a Run Control ID
  4. Enter the Fiscal Year (for Monthly Paycheck report also enter month, e.g. 201801)
  5. Enter the Department
  6. Check the Dean/AVP Level box if you wish to run the report for the selected department and all departments underneath; leave the box unchecked if you only want the selected department
  7. Check the Sort by Reg/Temp box if you would an additional breakout for Regular and Temporary salary expenses
  8. Select Sort by Class if you would an like an additional separation of salaries by Class (not all departments use Class)
  9. Select Sort by Project if you would like to see the data separated by Project (not all departments use Project)
    Note: Not all reports have these options on the run control page
  10. Click Run
  11. Enter Server Name: PSUNX or PSUNX2
  12. Select Type: Web
  13. Select Format: PDF
  14. Click OK
  15. Click Report Manager to check the progress
  16. Click Refresh until report appears
  17. Click the hyperlinked report number to view the report (please note, most LCD reports contain a summary report and a detail report)

For additional information about LCD, see the Finance and Business Services Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) page.