Staff & Management New Hires

Staff employees new to the university will be given access to an employee portal in CHRS Recruiting where they will complete the majority of their onboarding tasks. Important tasks are the new hire paperwork and the Form I-9.

  • New Hire Paperwork: New staff and management hires must complete all forms within the New Hire Packet for Staff & Faculty. The new hire paperwork will ask for emergency contact information and Direct Deposit enrollment. Employees are encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit and may complete the form as part of their new hire paperwork. If the form is not completed before arrival, employees should ensure they have account and routing numbers to enroll at a later date.
  • Form I-9: The Form I-9 is a federal form that requires employees to show proof of employment eligibility and identification at the time of hire. SJSU utilizes the program Tracker I-9 to assist with completing the Form I-9. Employees will receive an email from Tracker I-9 to complete Section 1 on or before their first day of work. This process also requires the employee to show original documents that show proof of identity and eligibility to work in the University States. Original documents must be presented within 3 business days of the start date. Please refer to the List of Acceptable Documents [pdf] for examples.

For tax filing purposes, aliens authorized to work in the United States (Non-Resident Alien) must present their Passport, Visa, or I-94. Presenting their Social Security Card is optional.

For a complete list of required forms, see New Employees.