Spartans Stepping Beyond

The purpose of the Spartans Stepping Beyond program is to foster a culture of appreciation and gratitude and recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions of our staff, faculty, and students. We aim to inspire and empower our community members, promoting engagement, collaboration, and pride in their achievements.

Stepping Beyond Means:

  • Going beyond the expectations of their role in the Spartan community
  • Providing creative and innovative ideas that lead to enhancing the Spartan experience and/or community
  • Promoting collaboration and demonstrating effective teamwork which results in successful projects, improved communication, and a supportive environment
  • Displaying strong leadership qualities, inspiring and motivating others, fostering a positive work environment, and providing guidance and mentorship to their colleagues

Instructions for Submission:
In three to five sentences, describe the behavior, achievement, or contribution of the individual you would like to recognize. Be specific about how their actions align with the criteria listed above and the impact they have made on the organization, team, or individual(s) involved.

I would like to recognize Sammy as a Spartan who is Stepping Beyond! Sammy stepped beyond the expectations of their role as an advisor by serving on the planning committee for a project to welcome incoming first-year students and introduce them to our services. Their creative energy and willingness to collaborate during the planning process led to a successful event!

Please submit your acknowledgement to the Spartans Stepping Beyond Recognition Form.

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