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International & Domestic Visiting Scholars

San José State University (SJSU) hosts Visiting Scholars (domestic or international) to engage in the exchange of knowledge, promotion of intercultural understanding, and for the mutual enrichment with our global partnership institutions. Visiting Scholars are professors, researchers, specialists, or persons with similar education or accomplishments, who spend time at SJSU for the purpose of lecturing, observing, consulting, training, or demonstrating their special skills. They normally possess the terminal degree for their field.

A Visiting Scholar is typically a person affiliated with another institution who devotes gratis effort (unpaid) to SJSU while participating in a short-term educational, research, or other academic project in collaboration with SJSU faculty. While Visiting Scholars are not compensated, units or departments may cover some expenses for them.

"Distinguished Visiting Scholar" is an honorific title that may be used for Visiting Scholars at SJSU (International and Domestic). This designation is reserved for Visiting Scholars with particularly distinguished careers. The title must be approved by the Provost to be applied. To gain approval from the Provost, the appropriate college Dean makes a request of the Provost that documents the qualifications and contributions of the candidate. If approved, the Provost will issue a letter that shall accompany other required documents when the Visiting Scholar is appointed.

IMPORTANT: If the Visiting Scholar will be working with a minor (18 & under), a LiveScan check is required. The scholar will need to reach out to the University Police Department at (408) 924-2172 to schedule an appointment. The scholar does not pay for the LiveScan fees, but will need to bring a photo identification to their appointment.

No person may have the title Visiting Scholar unless an appointment as Visiting Scholar has been approved by University Personnel. The appointment forms for International or Domestic Visiting Scholars may be found here:

For questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Scholars page. For further assistance, please email

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