Active Position List

This report shows you a list of all filled and vacant positions in a specified department. This can help when you need a vacant position for recruitment, need a position number to appoint a student assistant, etc. Please run this report prior to requesting the creation of a new position number.

To run this report:

  1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM/SJSU @ Work
  2. Click Main Menu
  3. Click SJSU Human Resources
  4. Click Organizational Development
  5. Click Active Position List
  6. Enter, Select or Create a Run Control ID
  7. Enter the DeptID you wish to run the report for, then click the search button
  8. Click Select to include Sub Departments checkbox to run the report for all departments under the specified Deptid; Leave the box unchecked to run it for only the selected DeptID
  9. Chose a Sort Option
  10. Click Run
  11. Select the report you want to run, Active or Active/Inactive position list
  12. Select the Type of Web and the Format of PDF
  13. Click OK
  14. Click the Report Manager hyperlink
  15. Click Refresh until the report appears as a hyperlink
  16. Click the title of the report in the description field
  17. The report displays