Category 2403

This work type is restricted to Full-time (T/TT and Lecturer) faculty for Unit 3 duties of a limited time, that are of a substantially different nature than their primary or normal employment. Category 2403 appointments must meet the tests introduced in Limits on Additional Employment Appointments.

Category 2403 may be used in summer, winter, and other breaks (only up to 1.0 FTEF), but it may not be used for appointments traditionally made in summer classification categories 2357 and 2457 or other special session categories (e.g., 2322). Employment in service to summer or special session programs is not appropriate for category 2403. Departments must have a position number to appoint in the class code; it may be funded by general funds or non-general funds depending on the purpose of the appointment.

Examples: Think, "appointment to perform duties," such as "emergency appointment;" replace a graduate coordinator on leave for part of a semester; acting department chair; teaching a required class no others could; program planning during summer break; summer RSCA appointment; President's task force; 16th unit for full-time lecturers; and summer research for H-1B visa holders.

Payment: The appointment establishes automatic pay installments on the state's payroll calendar during the appointment period; Category 2403 requires no payment vouchers. Category 2403 has a unique pay scale, allowing deviation from base rate when appropriate and approved.

Category 2403 is a systemwide faculty classification (job) code. Formally it is, Class 2403: FT Faculty Unit - Additional Employment; Abbreviated Class Title: FT FAC-ADD EM. Compared with the "special consultant" classification, Category 2403 simplifies additional employment appointments for University-approved--consistent with Article 36 of the Unit 3 CBA--faculty-related duties. Category 2403 is the new default appointment type for full-time faculty receiving overload or additional work that is not appropriate to summer, winter, or special sessions. Special Consultant requests for full-time faculty may be transferred to Category 2403 by UP - FS for review and appointment.

To learn more about making this type of appointment in OnBase, please visit: Category 2403 Guide.