Insights Discovery helps team members gain a unique insight into who they are, who their team members are, and enables the group to explore how relationships can be optimized. This is achieved by examining individual style, the team dynamic, and the various inter-relationships between group members.

Introduction to Insights Discovery

You team's journey begins with the three hour Introduction to Insights Discovery workshop where the team will:

  • Learn about the simple and memorable model to aid individual and group understanding
  • Quickly understand their individual strengths and challenges
  • Create an open dialogue for discussing differences, challenges, and resolving conflict
  • Reinforce the message that everyone plays a positive role in achieving team objectives
  • Enable participants to take immediate individual and team action to achieve work goals

Introduction to Insights Discovery workshops are facilitated by certified Insights client practitioners from University Personnel.

Keeping Insights Alive

The introduction workshop is only the first step. Teams will select an Insights Champion who will help keep Insights alive in their team through discussion, activities and exercises. They will have access to the Insights Toolkit with tools to help them utilize the Insights model to improve team dynamics and more effectively communicate and connect with one another.

Deeper Dive Into Insights

Teams who have been using the Insights model and are ready to take a deeper dive can request follow up sessions with our facilitators on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership.

Sounds Great! How Do We Get Started?

Complete the online Insights Discovery Training Request Form to request a workshop for your team. Email with questions or for more information.