Employee Leaves

Leave Programs

Employees are eligible for a variety of Leave Programs based on their bargaining unit and a variety of other factors. These leaves include, but are not limited to, Family Medical Leave, Parental Leave, Military Leave, Bereavement/Funeral Leave, Personal and Professional Leave, etc.

Eligible faculty members have four additional leaves available (some paid, some unpaid): Sabbatical, Difference in Pay, Medical/Parental Leave, and Personal/Professional Leave.


  1. If an employee indicates they need to take a leave of this sort, do not give advice on the leave or provide the employee with any sort of workaround or special deal to accommodate the time away from the office.
    1. Please note: The employee is not required to disclose a medical condition to their manager and managers must not inquire about the reason for the leave.
  2. Instruct the employee to notify the Leave Program Manager at yazmin.perez@sjsu.edu or 408-924-2155.
  3. Direct them to the University Personnel Leave Programs page for information and guidance.
  4. The Leave Program Manager or other staff in the unit will contact you with updates regarding the leave, as appropriate, and you will be required to sign various documents acknowledging the leave.
    1. The approval of leave is at the discretion of University Personnel.

Approval of Vacation, Sick, etc.

The appropriate administrator is responsible for approving the use of accrued leave such as Vacation, Personal Holiday, Compensatory Time Off (CTO), etc. Employees should request the use of this time in advance, according to their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and any internal processes you have put in place. Leaves without accrual balances - such as jury duty - must be approved after the fact.

Sick leave is also accrued and may be approved in advance when used for a medical appointment, but is typically used for an unexpected absence due to the illness of the employee or their family member.

SJSU @ Work Absence Management

The position management structure in SJSU @ Work determines who the primary approver is for absences. This is typically the employee’s direct supervisor and may be a work lead.

Review Position & Job Reporting Structure in SJSU @ Work

Approve absences monthly in SJSU @ Work

  • Monthly Approval Deadline: 5:00 p.m. on the first (1st) working day of the following pay period
  • FD&O and UPD Approval Deadline: 5:00 p.m. on the seventh (7th) day of each pay period

Review employee leave balances in SJSU @ Work

  • It is the appropriate administrator’s responsibility to manage the Leave Balances for their employees and ensure they don’t lose vacation time at the end of the year

Enter absences on behalf of your employees