International Visiting Scholars

Departments, colleges,or units that wish to host an International Visiting Scholar should follow these steps:

  1. The designated department staff will work with International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) first to provide all required documents (e.g., DS-2019 and invitation letter) to them. Review the Department Process and Visiting Scholar Process pages from ISSS for more detailed information on how to host a J-1 Visiting Scholar.
  2. Once ISSS approves the DS-2019, the department staff can submit the International (J-1 Exchange) Visiting Scholar Appointment Form in DocuSign. Department staff will need to upload the DS-2019. The form is routed for approval of the chair, dean or other appropriate administrator (MPP).
  3. The Senior Director, Faculty Services reviews and approves for eligibility.
  4. University Personnel will key in the scholar appointment into PeopleSoft and approve the form.

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