Homeownership Opportunities from Landed

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Landed's down payment program invests alongside employees in education to help them reach a 20% down payment. Landed's funds, up to $120,000 per household, come in the form of an equity investment, meaning that homebuyers share in a portion of the gain (or loss, if any) of the value of the home once the partnership is ended — typically by sale or refinance. As you may have heard, Landed’s down payment support has already helped several hundred Bay Area K-12 educators buy homes and recently expanded to serve higher education.

Landed also offers free homebuying services to educators, including building an expert homebuying team around you to help navigate all of your homebuying options, providing comprehensive property reviews, and delivering homebuying education and guidance to help you prepare for homeownership.

Landed’s down payment program is open to all SJSU employees – faculty, staff, and administrators – who have worked in education for at least two years, and is available immediately. You do not need to be a first-time homebuyer to participate.

Please contact Landed’s team to apply and learn more.